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Not all pixels in light string lighting up


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I made a window frame that has 86 pixels on the frame.  The pixels are smart pixels and I setup the prop as smart pixels and verified that I have the correct number of pixels and channels.  I have 2- 50 pixel strings hooked together.  I also used the hardware utility to test the window frame and all the pixels light up and have the correct RGB order.   In the utility, I selected to have all the LED's come on at once and it worked.  Then I selected to have them chase each other and they all lit up chasing each other.  In the grid view, I right clicked the prop and selected add channel level from pixel prop.  I sequenced the window frame using the channel level and not using the motion effects.  I primarily did this since it is my first time sequencing Smart RGB's and I wasn't doing any motion effects, so I wanted to see the colors I was selecting in my sequence. There are 86 channels in the drop down and they are all programmed to come on, yet only the first 66 pixels turn on.  I assume it must be in how i have something setup or sequenced, since all the LED's light up in the hardware utility.

Any help would would greatly be appreciated.

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In my previewer, yes all the pixels light up.  When I turn the lights control on and play the sequence or enable a show, it does not light up all the pixels.  Only 66 of them.  I do have to other window frames and the smaller one is 66 pixels so that one lights up all the pixels. 

How i setup my pixie4:  Turned all dip switches off so I can use the Hardware utility to set the unit ID.  I set the unit ID to 04, max # of pixels per port 105, max unit Id 10.  (see images) My middle window is plugged into port #3 of the pixie controller.   (See attached image on how I have the prop setup)




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Verify that you do not have any Controller ID, Port or Channels Conflicts (Yellow Triangle) Warnings in your Preview

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42 minutes ago, Grady29 said:

Thank you. That seems to fix the issue.

Glad I was able to help you based on experience helping others that have had the same problem.

Its a pretty common question I get asked.

Happy Lighting 


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