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Papagayo to LOR v5 help

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I recently got a coro prop Olaf the snowman with singing mouth. It is all RGB pixels.  I have imported the prop file from the vendor into v5 and it is in my preview. it has motion effect rows for each of the sections of the face already in the prop file. 
I can control the rows in the sequence editor and the definition matches the pixels. That was the easy part

I used Pagagayo and created the animations. I saved this file and used ItsBobo Papagayo2LOR and now I am stuck. I select Pixel mode and set the number of pixels for each phenome but it will not let me change the row numbers for output.  Then when i export the clipboard, i put it into the clipboard folder, assign it to the clipboard in LOR and paste. But here is where i fail. When I look at the grid view of the sequencer, I have only 10 seconds in the whole sequence, so I am screwing up somewhere.
Can someone either help me out or point me in the right direction


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