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Matrix Issues: Pixel count, Pixel order, effects are backward and upside down


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Hello,  I'm building three pixel matrixes. Two of three are done. Thought I'd play with some effects to check my progress only find the effect looked horrible. After hours of investigating I tried the Text PE effect which revealed the word TEST is backward, upside down and does not recognize the number of folds. At two folds, 92 pixels per roll everything is legible but as stated above, the word TEST was backward and upside down. 

The matrix I found the issues on is 23 pixels high x31 pixels long, 92 pixels per string, four folds, 7 strings. LOR: Matrix Horizonal Rectangular.

Any idea what's going on? 


Rousefamily5 Christmas

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Double check the controller/starting location in the programming. I don't know about S5 but in SS you designate bottom left, bottom right and so on.

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