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Importing from Sequence with different Visualization

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I have a 24x50 pixel tree (with a 6-RGB-channel star, but I end up sequencing that separately).

I'm redoing Wizards in Winter, so I just purchased from @BrianBruderer (thank you very much), his sequence for a 24x50 tree. However, this sequence includes a globe on top.

I attempted to insert this sequence into an S5 sequence by:

  1. Used the Sequencer create a new sequence with the appropriate music file, with my preview that includes my pixel tree.
  2. Went to the row for the pixel tree and selected the entire row (with 'r').
  3. Right-clicked and selected "Insert SuperStar Effect..." (I could have typed Shift-S.)
  4. When SuperStar came up, opened the file "WizardsInWinter_24x50Tree_8RowGlobe_archive.sup".
  5. Closed SuperStar. When it asked if I wanted to save changes, I clicked "Yes".

The SuperStar sequence now appeared in the S5 Sequencer, however...

It appears the top 15 rows of my pixel tree are from the "Globe" section of the sequence, and the bottom 15 rows are lost.

When SuperStar was up, I attempted to select all the effects and shift them up 15 rows, but this only works for the scenes. I can't figure out how to select all the morphs.

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When in superstar do the following:

1- select all of the effects

2- click on the Tools menu and select "Move or Scale Selected Effects"

3- set to move up 15 rows

4- click on Ok

This should move all of the effects up

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Follow up question: My "Wizards in Winter" is 2:17 minutes long, because I edited out the (somewhat repetitive) section from 0:44 to 1:29.3. My plan was to create a full-length sequence with the SuperStar sequence in the Motion Effects row, then copy the section from 1:29.3 to the end and paste it into my shorter sequence at 0:44.

The trouble is that the portion I copy starts from the beginning of the SuperStar sequence. How do I copy a portion of a SuperStar sequence that starts at an arbitrary point in time?

Edit: Never mind. I figured it out. It seems that copying a SS effect in the Sequencer always copies all the SS effects, even if you copy only a portion of the row. The solution is to go back to the original SS sequence; delete the effects from the beginning; select the remaining effects; cut them; and paste them to the beginning. Then exit and they will appear at the correct time in the Sequencer.

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Figured it out
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Steven, I've been running Brian's version of Wizards since 2014 and I still love it.  Granted that it was 12x50 when I bought it and it has expanded to 24 x 100 and then 26 x 100 and moved from S3 to S4 and now S5.  Brian does good work!


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