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Al in Raleigh

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Al in Raleigh


The fine folks (I'm sorry, I can't remember their names) at Lake Park Lights sequenced Michael W. Smith's All is Well song. Their video inspired me to sequence the song myself.
Their video:

I copied their angel choir theme. Also, I was inspired by AnnaLisa and Richard Holdman for a couple color changes. I plan to post the sequence at LORSequences.com when I get time.

The song is quite long and the sequence could be easily pared down. I sequenced the entire song for those that really like the entire song. By design, I didn't want a lot of flashing lights except for the angel choir.

If I could, I would give you the music too. However, you can download the mp3 for 99 cents here:

For those people new to LOR, the song should be run through Audacity before inserting into the sequence.

Merry Christmas.

Attached files All is Well (published version).lms
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