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Error Messages?

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May be an image of text that says 'Main Red 00 Progress Building Channel Commands Scenes of0 Morphs Image Actions Built Text Actions Built of Smooth Effects Buit= Channels Built =0 of 129952 Commands Built O Controllers f1 621 Grn SuperStar Sequencer Out memory. 0% Cancel Blue 0 - 1 OK'

Long story, but I'm trying to sequence the face of a Boscoyo Singing Bulb using Auto Sequence Singing Faces in SS.  I am able to run the Auto Sequence Singing Faces but when I go to export to a legacy file (I saw in another forum this is the way to do it, then copy paste into my S5 sequence??) I get the "SS Out of Memory" Error.  Not sure if this is related (I am new to S5 and SS so trying to figure all this out) but when I click to insert the SS effect into the Effect row of my sequence I get the "ChannelMapSize" popup.  Is this an error/something I'm doing wrong?  Any help is much appreciated!


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Brian will likely pop in with a more detailed answer.  Short version is that you are limited to 65,535 channel on the sequencing grid.  That comes out to 16,384 pixels.  Most likely you have that prop in Preview Editor > Arrangement set to "Use Preview" and the resolution set at high res.  Set the sliding scale to a lower resolution and try again.


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You'll want to have a sequencing grid where most if not all of the squares are green and not have so many of them be disabled.

The way to do that is have each of the elements of the singing face be a group and set the arrangement to "Horizontal Stack Align Bottoms" or "Horizontal Stack Align Tops"

Make another group that contains all of the face elements and set the arrangement to "Vertical Stack"

You should then get a denser sequencing grid and the error should not happen.

If you need further help, let me know.

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Say I import the prop and name it Bulb1.
So dumb question…….to create each element as a group, do I select Bulb1 as the member for each group?  I did this and then created a group of all the single element groups and set it to vertical stack.  I get one motion effect row (Effects 01) in my sequence but when I try to create the superstar effect in that row it says “superstar supports a maximum height of 360, however the group is 3144 nodes high”.

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3 hours ago, BrianBruderer said:

It might be easiest if I remote into your computer and see things first hand. Send me an email to brian@superstarlights.com

Brian - several years ago you assisted me with this problem “out of memory error” and it was ramps on the ends of the sequence.

That happened every time I attempted to import the SS sequence to at the time S4.


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