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2021 Halloween "Freaks (Radio Edit) by Timmy Trumpet & Savage" * Now Sharing * - Pixel tree, Matrix, ac Lms, and face.

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Its always a great day for you when I have done the hard work for you... Here is one I did for Halloween. Its the radio edit version which can be purchased on Amazon. As stated in my other share, I will not be creating a Griswold Mix this year.  So instead I am sharing my others  I am using effects of dancing or singing characters for the pixel tree. For Halloween my tree becomes a huge matrix instead and then I just reshape the top for christmas.  I am sharing sequences that I personally created only. The audio I used for it is on Amazon. You can purchase the Radio edit version of Freaks there for $1.29

This share includes 3 sets of cmb24's rgb floods, 4 pixel arches, Multiple ac controllers channels for beats and backgrounds. Dumb rgb tombstones, Dumb rgb really big lights and a 16x50 pixel tree and a 16x50 matrix. This was programmed user S4 and superstar. Choose what you need from it. You are not limited to only 16 channels as a newcomer. Select the effects you need from the sequence and paste them into yours. I always highlight most sound effects somewhere in the first 16 channels of the sequence I create.

You can convert it to S5 if needed. Please do not sell, re-share or redistribute my work. Lets keep the shares coming by respecting the share etiquette. If you want it, Send a reply to the thread with your email. WARNING THE LMS is huge and if your on S4 it may take a bit to load. The face is not the greatest but I tried. The rest is where its at!

When I started in this hobby in 2016 so many of you (Especially JR and James) helped me get going by being mentors and getting me to this point. So this is my way of giving back to the community for all the brains who put up with me picking them and asking the stupid questions. Lets help get the forum community back on board to sharing and helping others with sharing our work. We are all here for the same reason. To bring Joy and Happiness to others and that includes our fellow lighters. Because of those shares, Many of us have gotten to where we are now. All I ask in return for this sequence is to remember to pay it forward when a n00b comes along. Help them create a great display and share a few sequences. We were all new once... Some of us still have love for the n00bs! I'm only on year 5 :) 


Preview the example video I did here


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