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I'm undergoing rotator cuff surgery this week and will be laid up for 6 weeks.  This will afford me time to add and edit sequences to fit my lighting hardware.  I might even take swing at sequencing myself.  In the past I've used sequences shared by fellow forum members which "Kinda" work with my props.  I've never had or made time to make my show be the best that it can be but will have ample time to customize sequences to get the best show possible.  My excel skills have come a log waiver the years but as I only play with this a month or so out of the year I'm far from where I could be 

I have a couple mega trees and assorted other props.  I'm looking for someone to share a few Christmas sequences that I can modify to fit my show.  I'm using 4 32 channel controllers and 2 four channel controllers.  I don't necessarily need sequences to fit exactly.  I plan to spend time making them better fit.  

My current shows are themed:



Charlie Brown

Classic Christmas

Country Christmas


Songs about Santa

Songs with Christmas in the titles.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.  


Thanks in advance.

All The Best,  Mark 


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I did the same thing last year after I had surgery.  4 weeks off from work and I could not do anything physical.  Got LOTS of sequencing work completed!

Good luck.


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