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Can"t add motion effect row


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so i am working on importing over all my s4 sequences into s5. I finally found my pixel matrix (yahoo). but when i go to edit my old effects made in Pixel edditor it is all cross hatched out with X's. I read the help files and it says to right click and click add motion effects.  I think great and go and right click and low and behold it is not there, (GRRRRRRR) See picture for what actually shows up.  I'm sure what I'm doing wrong is something dumb but any help would be appreciated.

pic of whats not working .png

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ok well i am an idiot and here is the solution for if anyone else imports an PE prop into there preview. In your channel grid view there is a drop down menu. hit that drop down and select pixel editor. (see pic) 

pic of solution 2 .png

then it gives you the ability to edit the dumb thing 1851073018_picofsolution1.png.0918e1cf9e55e21f24c93d4de3fe2e7e.png

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