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Pixie16 questions/limitations

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Hey everyone! Just a few RGB related questions here for ya. I’m very familiar with LOR in regards to the AC controllers but this is my first dive into RGB so bear with me. I will say that the search bar in the forum has already been extremely helpful.

So say I wanted to build a drive thru archway tunnel prop.. With each arch holding 100 RGB lights as you drive through it. Starting the strand from the ground and over the top to the bottom. Now from my understanding.. I would be able to safely light 16 100ct pixels on a single Pixie 16 controller. One 100ct strand on each of the ports.

Now my question is.. How many of these Pixie 16 controllers can I daisy chain together? Is there a limit?

Say hypothetically.. I have 50 pixie 16 controllers each responsible for 1600 lights. Would I be able to set up that giant matrix in S5 to be able to design for such a massive thing?

I’ve also looked into getting the RGB’s from China and I see some that say “Regulated” and they are usually a few cents more per pixel. Can anyone explain what that means?

Apologies if my terminology is incorrect with the questions. I’m still soaking the RGB stuff into my brain.


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Per network (Red adapter), 2400 pretty active nodes is a number tossed about. Less active = more.

I'm not sure what 'Regulated' means (could you post a link?). But regulators and light sequences are opposites. (you are dimming and pulsing)

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24 minutes ago, deadmann06 said:

Can multiple networks be run in the same show? 

You can run up to 16 LOR Networks in a show.

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If you was going to use 50 pixie16’s you would be well advised to get yourself 8 pixielinks to go along with them and use them as e1.31. 

Save the networks.

At 100 pixels per port you should not daisy chain another pixie16 on a single network.


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If you want to run that many pixels I would highly recommend that you start looking at E1.31 controllers. That network is much faster and can handle the higher number of pixels without running so may networks.

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