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What are some good sites for low res clipart for pixel trees


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I tried searching through the forum but could not find any posted answers. I know I've seen a couple sites mentioned in previous years in threads. What are some of the sites that you use for low pixel count images? Now that I'm into doing pixels, I want to find some clipart but so far I'm only finding ones that are way too big and they don't look good when they're downscaled to fit. 

Ideally these will be going on a 16x50 pixel tree. Just looking to see what sites others have used previously for their clipart needs.


Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

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I always Google “mini gifs”. If I want a picture of a dancing Santa I just Google “Dancing Santa mini gif”.

You will want the lowest resolution images you can find.

You may try 50 images before finding one that looks good on the actual prop.


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Thank you everyone. I am checking the sites now :) Sorry for the late reply.

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