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Pixel question for singing faces


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I am fairly new to pixels but starting to get the hang of it.  I have built 2 singing bulb faces but they are from different vendors.  They are very similar in design but one uses 200 pixels while the other has only 150.  I have wired each to have 8 identical face movements but only the pupil of each have a common number of pixels - 4 for each eye.  I have the 200 pixel face working just fine.  It has the pixel strings with the exact number of segments and pixels for each component.

My question is this:  I have just finished physically wiring the 150 pixel face but haven't created the Prop for it yet.  I wanted to test the lights out so I figured I would simply try to disconnect the working face and re-connect the controller to the corresponding part of the 150 pixel face.  Lo & behold only the pupil part of the new face lit up during a sequence, no doubt because that is the only component that had an equal number of pixels and segments in each face.

Am I correct in this assumption?  I haven't yet built the Prop but that is my next step and I am sure I will confirm the answer.


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Your assumption is correct. If the parts of the face has different numbers of pixels per movement then only the current number oF pixels connected to a certain port will light.


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