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Selling my display and all the goods!!!!

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I am selling my whole set-up.   Just too much going on to give it the attention it deserves.   Not to mention I am not a tech-savvy individual.   You can find my show in Facebook at "StewartsLights" also on instagram @stewart_lights.

If this is not the place to sell please let me know a better spot.   

Email me all questions at stew18@icloud.com

I am north of Seattle 

God Bless!
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Posted (edited)

I did a search on Facebook for StewartsLights (with and without a space) and the one that came up was in Arkansas and the other was a party bus - do you have a bit more specific link... 

I did find one for Lights at Stewarts Place which looks like it might the right one (although it also looked like the one with the party bus)

Also, the typical things people want to know is what you have and whether you are looking to sell as one or in pieces. 


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