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Can the VU Wizard be used to detect background beats, sounds, taps, etc and then create a freeform timing for them?   Or is there another way to do that?

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The VU wizard is intended to create VU meter type displays. For example, a bouncing meter like display that varies with the volume of the song or sound. It works pretty well but is time consuming to get just right. I used to use it to turn my post pixels into VU meters with the top 8 pixels transitioning from green to yellow to red.

A similar easy and much quicker way if you are in S5 is to use the audio effect in the Motion Editor 

IMO, if you want ABSOLUTELY accurate timings on all the sounds in a song, the only way is to do it by manually moving timings around. 

The beat wizard is your next  choice and is fine for most people, but I'm OCD about timings 

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As my friend Phil stated, manually is the only way to sequence and be 100% spot on.

Add to his list of ways using a midi file.

In most cases you will have to pay to get a good midi file but you can get some for free online or use an online conversion  tool.

Once you have the midi file you can import that in to S4 / S5

Note- to do that you must use it in a free form and no timing grids.

Then yoi copy that in to your sequence.

I made a tutorial two years ago on how to use a midi file.

I have used it for my drumming elf in a couple difficult songs to pick out the different percussion 


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Thanks guys.  I kind of thought that was the case.   I typically do that anyway but was looking for a shortcut to get it started.  

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