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Converting from RGB to Traditional String


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When RGB channels were first introduced, many versions ago, I thought they were appropriate to use for my RGB and RGBW superstrings. Now that v5 has the ability to create a "Traditional" string, with a channel per color, I am switching to that, because it better reflects reality.

However, something strange happens when I switch using "Assign Different Preview" with v5.5.16 and I don't know what I should do to fix it.

Will someone else please try this to see if it just me? Open the following sequence: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tx9xkkr0dl2k5qy/White Christmas.loredit?dl=0

Note the color changes on channels like "Bush 1", "955 City Tree East", and other props with similar names.

Now import this preview: https://www.dropbox.com/s/r9rmmw7k81nykfp/Christmas 2021.lorprev?dl=0 and assign it to the sequence. Use "Auto-match by Channel", because the channels are the same. After the assignment to the new preview, look at the "955 City Tree East" channels. The channels are the same as before, but the effects are completely different, and most are gone.

Before assignment:

After assignment:

The channels have not changed (Aux A, controller 11, channels 7,8,9). Where did the effects go?

My workaround is to make a copy of the sequence before the assignment, then change the assignment, then copy/paste between the old and new. But I have to copy/paste 10 different props, which is tedious. Isn't there an easier way?

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As far as I know and I have posted this several times

To go from RGB to traditional AC lights is a copy per row thing.

For example

Start by copying the Red row

Then- go through Green and copy past missing effects in to your string

Then do the same with blue

Copying RGB row when colors blend you will not fill in the tradional string effects- not that I know of anyway

Yoir work around is it 

You can create a HD ticket but prob get a similar answer


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