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CCR Tree 1/2” EMT Conduit Storage Suguestion


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Anyone that has or is thinking about making a CCR tree with 1/2” emt and has space overhead in their garage. Like I do. Also works on a wall as picd below

I found these fishing rod holders that works for the purpose of storing them in one section. I got these for my fishing rods and thought I could have used these instead of my pvc system.

I will find the link later. Two sets would be required for a 16 CCR tree.

You can also order a set of tools that will help you raise them up.

Edit- these were found on Etsy and I can’t link but if you search “11 Inshore fishing rod holder”

About $50 for the first set with the tools. 
$30 for an extra set or if yoi do not need the tools.

I do not know the seller or make any profit off the sales. Just a great item to hang the lights IMO


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