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converting incandescent star to RGB star

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How can I get my new RGB star to work with my older sequences that had incandescent lights? Is there a way to convert them and how would I set up the channels?

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The channels depends on the star and the RGB controller.

What star and what controller are you using?

As far as converting you ac seq to RGB

1- Of course open your original sequence

2- Open the new sequence or existing seq with the RGB Stat

3- Copy the original seq

4- Open the RGB star up so you see the R/G/B rows

5- Copy into whatever color you wish. At face value yoi can create 8 various standard colors that way.

However if you want a custom color copy the diner sequence in to all three rows making the black row white

In S4 select the color picke from the “fade tool”.

Find the color you like and look at the color values - Red - Green - Blue

Remember 100% of any color is 255 therefore if yoi see a 255 in that color it is all on.

Any values lower than 255 

You just have to calculate the values and jot them down based off 255

Once yoi have the values select the rows that need to be changed.

example- if you have a color that doesn’t have blue in it - select that row and delete

Next select the other rows and “right click”

Change intensities



select whatever color you need to change and place the % value you calculated earlier


- if you have multiple colors that have the same value you can change all of them at the same time

Those instructions are similar in S5 however you will select”Foreground” and apply toolbar color.

If done properly in S5 it will retain all of the fades or other effects as well.

If done improperly all fades will become solid on.

Review your work before saving , if you see problems just use the “undo”

If you need additional help feel free to ask.

The methods above can work for any props, rooflines etc. 

Yoi can also go from RGB to regular AC/ LED strings. This works well for  people that see the fancy RGB lights and like a sequence.

All they have to do is copy the “RED”  row from the RGB sequence in to their sequence.

If the color does not have red in it the best bet is to copy a row  in to all 3 and make it white and then copy paste in to the new AC/ LED sequence

Hope this helped you.





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