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I guess this is safe running 2 16 channel controllers on 1 outlet

i checked the amps on the lights

15 100 mini light sets .4 amps each 6 amps total

2 led sets ab out .1 amps each .2 amps total

12 specitaly sets (candycanes etc) .2 amps each 2.4 amps total

8.6 amps total and this is actly rouded up to the next tenth of an amp

15 amp breaker 15 amp outlet

80 % 12 amps - 8.6 amps = 3.4 amps free for the rest of that breaker witch is lightly used

is this actly safe to run this many on one outlet

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In a static state, my PC's run about .01 amps as measured by a kill a watt. Actually, .03 on power up, then settles into .01.

I run 4 controllers on two outlets with no problems. The kill a watt gives me my max draw per channel and the power utility gives me my probable sequence draw.

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