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HI felas....

Today i did my first test... but somethin problem all the sequences make a little turn on lights and off just for a 1/4 second in the final of the song and there are nothing programed on these time

Its a bug?


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Is this in the Sequence Editor, or the Show Player?

If it's in the Sequence Editor, is it when you're using some play range other than "full sequence"?

If so, there's a known bug that sometimes a brief moment of the start of the play range will play again immediately after what should be the end of play. This only occurs in the Sequence Editor, and only when you use a nonstandard play range, and so it won't affect your show.

Otherwise, could you please give a copy of your sequence?

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I have the same issue as well. It's more of an anooyance than anything else.

My biggest annoyance with Sequence Editor, is every time I exit the program, it does not save settings like play range etc. I've looked for preferences but it does not include these options. They should make it just like Excel, where it saves the view, your position in in thespreadsheet and everything. So every time I re-open a file I want to come back to the last spot I left off.

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