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Blinking Random Pixels

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Been doing this for a long time and first time setting up a Pixcon16 (I have successfully installed 2 of these) I encounter random pixels changing colors at a fast rate upon startup.

I run the S5 show and pixels respond correctly. However, the random "twinkling" continues when the pixels are to be off.

I am running latest S5, latest firmware for Pixcon16, 12vdc pixels, 2 power supplies to Pixcon16 (one for bank1 channels 1-8) and (one for bank2 channels 9-16).

No power injection. Running Pixcon16 channels at 30% intensity. From Pixcon16 to first pixel is 12'. 150 pixels/channel (6 unused in middle of string). So running 144 pixels.

Please advise.



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Are you running the PixCon16 in E1.31 or Enhanced LOR mode?

If E1.31, do you have any other software that might be sending E1.31 commands?

If in LOR mode, what speed are you running? Are there any other controllers on the network?

Have you tried changing Cat5 cables?


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Beware of some mini-cat5 (from Amazon).  The wire is marked 568A and it will not work even at slower speeds. for LOR network. It turns out (I cut a cup of cables open) the Blue and Brown pairs DO NOT have the CAT5 twists per inch (saves inches  of wire per metre)

LOR net uses the Blue. 10/100 Ethernet uses the Orange and Green pairs. FWIW 568A or B is a Pinout, not a wire spec

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