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House Outline Pixel Mounting In A Snap

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Just wanted to share with others my idea for mounting pixels to my house outline

I purchased the Offset Pixel Mounting Strips from Boscoyo

I purchased a Stainless Steel Marine Grade 3/8" Socket Canvas Snaps Kit from Amazon

This pair of Heavy-Duty Snap Fastener Pliers made the installation of the Snaps easy..

I attached the Female Snap to the Mounting Strip and Screwed the Male Snap into the Frame around the opening

Note: I used 1/2 Grommets to achieve fold-able corners and to connect the strips together - so as to be able to Roll Up my frames at end of season166501238_SnapPixelMount.thumb.jpg.4ee4ca71b72d4d4adb1857277cc427ab.jpg 


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I thought the picture would of been placed at the end of post or a click to expand type picture - Sorry if not as expected

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Great idea.

On one of my props where I needed a corner with the pixel strips all I did was insert the pixel through the two different strips. That was for my window frame test.

In the end I ended up using my ws2811 5050 rectangular pixels on pvc, because of ease fo my situation.


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