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I have been looking to purchase a mega pixel tree kit. My question is where is the best place to purchase a kit. I have looked at Light O Rama and Holidaycoro. The ones at Holidaycoro are a bit more customizeable than LOR. I am wanting a mega tree for July 4th. I prefer a tree taller than 10 ft. I live on a corner lot and would prefer a 360 degree tree. 

Any help would be greatly appreciate. 

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Do you really need 360? A corner should only need 270deg if set back (you only need the last 90 is if you have viewing from the back). Why does this matter. The number of Ports, strings and power supplies.

(FWIW My 180 dumb tree uses 17 CMB24 RGB ports plus the AC topper ports. It started out as a 9 string AC tree... 🙃 and went down hill from there )

Ribbons are 5M (16') (and will need support as they are fragile.) so 1/2 ribbon will not meet you height need

A 50count string of Bullets SET at 3" spacing (I made my own PIXnode  type strip out of plumbers tape) is about 12'.  I use weed wacker line to anchor the bottom to a stake (the lights do not go all the way to the ground). My top ring is at ~11'   (I made one out of a 4" Pipe cap and a bell reducer. It is a WIP as it was hard to raise. I have added more pulley's for this year)




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