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It's come to our attention that various misinformed people (or outright trolls) are trying to convince people if/when a spring sale will be held.  I'm also sure that the BS 'Gold Membership for advanced access' (or whatever other precious metal/gemstone/radioactive element) story is also spreading at this time.

  • There are only TWO people in the company that know if and when a sale will be held.  Those people are the owners.  They do not share that information with us in advance.  No one (Not Me/Matt/Brian/Anyone on the help desk/etc.) knows but them.
  • If and when a sale will happen will be posted on our website, on our forums, in an eMail to those who have signed up for them, and on our Facebook page.
  • There is no 'special membership' to get advanced access to the sale.  EVERYONE gets access to a sale at the same time.
  • We have a frequently asked questions which has more information.
  • On 04/09/2021 it was announced that the spring sale will be  04/23/2021.  
  • On 04/20/2021 the preliminary list of items and sale prices was posted and is available at: http://store.lightorama.com/secretsale.html

(Full disclosure:  The rest of us actually do get advanced notice -typically on the night before the company announces it to the world so we can be prepared in the morning for the inevitable crush of help desk tickets/phone calls.  The owner does this to save us from lying to you.  When we say 'we don't know' we mean it.   Edit:  On our 4/8 conference call we learned the sale would be 04/23 - one day before it was announced to the world)

Please remember that there is a single source for official information if/when we have a sale, and that information comes from us directly.  When we announce a sale we do so via our eMail newsletter, as well as posting something on our website, our forums, and our official facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/lightorama/).  

It's not in our best interest to be secretive about a sale, or to give a limited set of people special access - The spring sale regularly sells out of most items without the need of these tricks.  Even if you see something that looks oficial, VERIFY it by taking a look at the official source of information - US.

If you see these false non-official statements (or outright lies), please take a moment to gently, if not firmly, call out those false reports.  A link to this message will help.  Simply referring innocent people (and anyone else) to register for our sales notification eMail, or come to our website/our forums/our facebook page will get them the information they need.

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