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2nd Network setup? Pixie8D 2G - Enhanced?

James Hill

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Hello everyone,

I recently purchased a USB HS adapter (red) and making sure this is set up correctly. I have the older black USB adapter on Reg Network. Opened 'Network Preference' and selected Aux A for the HS adapter and 500k for the speed. Clicked on Advanced and selected Enhanced. Correct so far?... The "computer" stated only 3G controllers can be used on the Enhanced network...I purchased at the same time a Pixie8D from LOR. From the picture in the manual it appears to be a 2G controller. Am I OK, this controller will work,did I set things up right? Anything else I need to be aware of?

Thanks for all the help (past, present and future!)

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Yes, all Pixie controllers work with Enhanced networking.  The 3rd generation reference really is for 16 channel AC controllers.


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Yea but you can use all of your controllers on the red adapter and all daisy chained together.

All Gen3 can comm With each other.

If all you have is one pixie controller you can connect a lot of AC controllers inline

No need for two networks unless you just want 2


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I was thinking of keeping any future pixie controllers on one network and the other network for the old controllers....just wanted to make sure I set it up correctly. Thanks


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Since you're being fairly new to this I think a little further in-depth explanation is needed to try and make this a little clearer for you.

YES you WILL need 2 different networks if your AC Controllers are Gen 1 or Gen 2 {Pre-Gen 3}, as none of the older 16 Channel AC Controllers Original through Gen 2 {although from what I've read, depending on when you bought them, some GEN 2 Controllers are actually Gen 3, and I think the only way to know is by the internal LED on the board or from the firmware installed {viewed in the LOR Hardware Utility}, GEN 1 or 2, RED LED, Gen 3 or later usually a GREEN LED {Except on the Directors, they are still RED, wonder why they didn't get a GREEN LED?}  Any Gen 1 or Gen 2 AC Controllers WILL require a Regular, NON-Enhanced maximum 115K speed network separate from your RGB Controllers, which usually require an Enhanced and 500K speed network.

I have older Gen 2 16 Channel Controllers, and they have to have their own network, must be Regular, NON-Enhanced and a maximum speed of 115K.  I use an N4-G4 Director and use all 4 Networks on it.

So your current set-up should be just fine.

If your Controllers are G3 or newer, then all could be placed on the red adapter, as GEN 3 AC 16 Channel Controllers can operate on an Enhanced, High Speed {500K maximum for them} Network.  Older units, again Gen 1 or Gen 2 can be used with a red HS adapter, but then you're limited to one speed, a maximum of 115K, also, Enhanced could not be used with Gen 1 or Gen 2 units, nor do they get along very well with their newer G3 or newer counterparts, so again, on this you'd need 2 networks.

So currently, depending on your AC Controller family, your settings will work just fine.

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Note: If you use one of the input triggers, or inputpup, that CAN NOT be on a enhanced  network

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