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Adding a dangle to a ribbon?

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What is the likelyhood of success of adding a dangle to the end of a ribbon in order to connect it to a second ribbon? Anyone tried or done it and had success? Or does anyone know where I can get a 300 channel (100 pixel) ribbon with the same spacing as the LOR ribbon? So far, I've not found any. 

What I'm trying to accomplish:

Basically, I think I can free up two of the four ports on my 2 Pixie IIs (that is, one on each Pixie).

Pixie II A:

Currently I have 4 small, half size arches configured as one ribbon across a set of two arches as channels 1-75 and 76-150. Each set of arches is currently assigned to one of the ports on the Pixie. Since the ports on a Pixie II can handle 300 channels, can I attach a dangle to one end of one of the ribbons and connect the second ribbon to free up one of the ports? It would be nice to have the two feet between them.

Pixie II B:

I use the two ports on this one to each run one strand of 50 bulbs. As they already have dangles at both ends,  I should be able to connect those together as a string of 100 and free up the other port, correct?

That SHOULD give me a free port on each Pixie. I have an idea that given the location of the Pixies in my setup, I can use the freed up ports for something like a fire stick or to wrap around a tree using the freed up port on each Pixie. If I can do this, it would cost me $1.99 for the dangle and two (or maybe 4) strings of lights. And a bunch of programming and reprogramming, but I think it would be a pretty cheap upgrade for this year. 


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I have soldered a lot of ribbons together in the past, using pixel nodes now since 2012. The main considerations are not to use too much wire to avoid voltage drop and not to use too many pixels. your case of two sets of 50 and a few feet of wire should be OK assuming 12V. You will also need to waterproof the connection to the strips. I also suggest hot glue or adhesive to secure the connection for strain relief. They are relatively fragile. I would skip the dangle and just use wire.

Soldering strips is tricky but doable. Solder alternate wires to opposite sides of the strip to give yourself a little more space to work with, and practice on an old strip if you have some.

Do not even consider using the mechanical clips or clamp connectors. 

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Thanks for the tips, Phil!

I wasn't considering anything other than solder. I am considering the dangle only because it lessens the number of solders (and screw ups!).


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I second the FORGET the clip-on type.

Somewhere (sorry I cant offer credit) I saw a great tip: Make every other connection signal on the other side , less crowding

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There is a company that makes splice adapters. I will try to find it and add it to the post. You may be able to connect the adapter to a dangle. It’s worth a shot at least.

After reading your second comment you would just need to cut the dangle off and use the adapter to connect the 2 strips.

I will finD my invoice tomorrow and add a new post to this thread.


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