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2 Controllers Plugged into 1 Plug box


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I have a separate electrical panel outside with 8 plug boxes available.

I don't pull 20 amps on any of my boards due to LEDs etc. but I have 20-1602W boards and only 8 outside plugs to plug them into. Is it OK to plug 2 LOR boards into 1 - 20 amp plug as long as the 2 boards combined don't exceep the 15 to 20 amps?

If I can't do this then I need to expand my plugs which I'd prefer not to have additional added because I currently have 160 amps outside.


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Assuming the 8 plugs are seperate circuits (160 amps total that you mentioned), the short answer is yes.

The circuit is where you need to be concerned, though, not the plug. If you are not exceeding the 80% rule (16 amps for a 20 amp circuit), you should be fine regardless of what you plug into the circuit.

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