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2021 Annual Pacific NW CLAP Mini Mtg

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The Pacific NW CLAP Leadership is excited to announce our annual CLAP meeting. The date is set for Saturday May 1st, with our Set Up party and Pizza Meet and Greet on Friday April 30th. We wanted to make the announcement as early as possible for planning purposes. We understand there may still be some uncertainty with gatherings, but the logistics are at least worked out with our venue, and we are expecting to hold this meeting. It will be held in compliance with the guidance set forth at that time. There will be some changes overall, to the execution of the meeting, with details and updates are being sent out via email. This event is open to all decorators and will be on an RSVP basis only as we may have to limit attendance.


Our group is certainly looking forward to meeting once again and talking blinky flashy. If there are any questions, PM me.


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49 minutes ago, dibblejr said:

For the new members here or the old ones that have not attended, you may want to add the city.


Good point!

To add to the post, this is in Olympia, WA

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Pushing out a local Mini reminder, in the PacNW, Our local CLAP gathering is open to all attendees, near and far. Our event is about 1 month away on Saturday May 1st. All relevant information is being sent via email and posted to our website. Request via PM to our private database, or look to our website for RSVP information.


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The Pacific NW CLAP "Mini" is open to all who are interested. The date is Sat May 1st. Set up and Pizza Meet/Greet is on Friday the 30th. We will be closing registration for this event at noon on Monday April 26th. All details and RSVP are on our website:
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