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Wireless G4 Director Link- How To?


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I went and read the director documentation.  :)  When using LOR HUB to write your show to an SD card, one of the prompts is if it is multiple director.  If it is, it WILL create multiple SD cards.  What is not clear in the documentation, and based on what Jim mentions above, is that the creation software is smart enough to know what network is on what director and "may" just write those commands to that SD card.  This would mean you really really want to label your SD cards so that you put the right one in the correct director.  I wonder if audio is available for broadcast at each director?

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41 minutes ago, k6ccc said:

Then tell me Orv, how are you supposed to get three 1000K circuits worth of data over a single slow speed network?  Can't possibly do that.  And that's assuming only two directors.  Maybe six 1000K circuits, or nine 1000K circuits worth of data.  No way!

The Directors MUST know that they are operating in a master / slave configuration, and understand that the data over network 1 is just sync data.  Then use that sync data to keep both controllers in sync.


The G4 can get 3 High Speed networks

Also the pixielink can be used for AC networks as well so if the G4 can’t achieve the goals of the OP maybe a combination will.

At this point until someone attempts this or the HD chimes in, it’s all speculation.

I have never had to use a 1000 speed network as the NP still says “for Pixcon16 only”

However the pixielink does have the capability of 6 HS networks.


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OK, my statement about multiple 1000K networks was the worst case scenario, but you are still not going to get three 500K networks worth of data over a ELL link!


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Why do you guys do this.

A G4 MP3 director with Director Sync can run as many 1000K networks as there are ports available on the MP3 director(s).

IF you are using Director Link, that is PORT 1.  Director link sends timing data ONLY to all directors that are connected.  You can use ELLs to send director link timing data with NO issues.  Any OTHER port(s) can run 1000K speed.  If you have 2 4 port G4 MP3 directors using Director Link, the 6 (three available on each director) can run 1000K without an issue.  In this case you have 6 SEPARATE NETWORKS (REG and AUX A - AUX E) all at 1000K and they will all stay in sync - EVEN WITH an ELL being used for DIRECTOR LINK.

There are NO LIMITS to the numbers of directors with Director Link that can be in use at one time.  You can have 6 N4G4 directors in a director link chain, each having 3 different ports (REG & AUX A - AUX O) running at 1000K.  .  You could have 20 of them if you like (but of course that does mean some directors are going to be using the same networks).

The ELL in this case is ONLY sending SYNC CODE to all other directors.  It is NOT sending lighting data.  The lighting data for the channels in use is ON THE SD CARDS of all the directors in use.   You create as many SD cards as you have directors. 


I will admit that point #2 in that help is misleading as it says you need a WIRED connection between 2 directors.  Later on the page it says that you CAN use ELLs to connect 2 directors.


This page describes how to create the multiple SD cards that will be required for Director Link shows.    At step 2 you tell it you are using Linked Directors.  "Step 4 for Multi Director Shows" allows you to specify exactly what LOR networks are going to run on what port of which director.  

Step 6 clearly shows you will be creating 1 SD card for every director.

Orville - please refrain from giving any more advice about this (or possibly other topics) which you have no experience in.  While we appreciate your willingness to help, please instead refer people to the help document or to create a ticket in the help desk system so we can give them correct information.

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Some other things I see posted here:

Directors DO NOT SUPPORT E1.31.  They support LOR/ELOR/DMX only.  

ELLs should NOT be used on LIGHTING NETWORKS with Pixels, or with any network that needs to run faster than 115K.  A director link is NOT a lighting network

If you power the MP3 director via a transformer, the MP3 director WILL send power to an ELL on port 1 over the CAT 5 for newer ELLs.  That's not something we advertise.   If not, you can power the ELL with a transformer.

You will want to ensure that EACH director in a director chain has something supplying power to it - that could mean each has it's own transformer, or each has its own LOR controller that can supply accessory voltage back to the director via that CAT 5.  What you don't want is a single transformer on director 1, and then let director 2 (and 3 and 4 and 5 and whatever else) draw power from it over the CAT 5s connecting all of them and then have NOTHING ELSE supplying ACC power.  You will eventually draw too much current and at best things will just shut down (or at worst - you melt your CAT 5s and possibly start a fire).

Please always consult with our product manuals and help materials first.  If you are still unsure, please let us know as that means we did not do our job correctly (help documentation needs to be clear and concise).  We are a help desk ticket away.

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