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No it is a 50 Pixel Arch - divided into 8 groups of pixels

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Likely the easiest (IF it will ALWAYS be treated as eight groups where all the pixels in a group will ALWAYS behave the same), it to set the 50 pixels up as groups in the controller itself - provided the controller you are using can do pixel groups (most can).  That way as far as sequencing is concerned, it IS eight RGB channel sets.  I am doing that on my roses where each RGB "pixel" is actually about 2 1/2 feet of strip.  This only works if those arches will ALWAYS be treated as eight RGB channels and your controller can do that.

With that said, I have six 50 pixel arches, and in my opinion, you would be severely handicapping yourself if you don't take advantage of the 50 pixels.  Chases, sweeps, etc look so much smoother with each pixel individually controllable.  And you can still group things in sequencing when you want to.

This video will show the roses along the wall in the first part of the song, and at about 40 seconds (and later), you can see what you can do with the 50 pixel arches.



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