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WTB Easy Light Linker and Pixie controller

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I am looking to buy a pair of Easy Light Linkers, and a Pixie 8 or larger.

If anyone also happens to be selling a G4 Director I would be interested in that too.


(I know the ELL and Pixie have to be on different networks)

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The Spring Sale is almost here. They normally have pixie controllers.

If you sign up on the LOR website you will be notified or if you hang out here you will know as soon as someone gets an email.

I can build them all day long with my stock but as much as a build costs it makes better sense to try a sale price and if you can’t wait or miss the sale then look at the other option.


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10 hours ago, TheDucks said:

Pixies DO NOT run on a ELL (or the same network)

Remember to get a RED adapter for your Pixie

He stated above exactly what you said.


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