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Your first year with a light show can be overwhelming, especially if you wait until later in the fall to start planning. There are so many different types of hardware to research and software terms and tools to learn, it can feel difficult to figure out where to begin.

The "First Year - Start Here" training course, a collaboration by Light-O-Rama partner companies Synchronized Christmas and Luminous Harmony, turns all of the options and information into a step-by-step guide for your first year with a Light-O-Rama powered show. This course has nearly 90 minutes of video spread over the 7 main modules (plus the bonus module!) Each Module also has a written component to complement the video, and after each Module, you can take optional quizzes to make sure you understand the information and are prepared to move on to the next part of the course.

Here is a listing of the modules.

Module 1: Vocabulary and High Level Overview (This module is free.)
Module 2: Display Decisions: Budget, Sequencing, Control and Time
Module 3: Planning Your Layout and Building Your Preview
Module 4: Purchasing Your Hardware
Module 5: Purchasing Your Software
Module 6: Connecting Your Light-O-Rama System
Module 7: Scheduling Your Shows
Bonus Module: Introduction to AC Channel Sequencing

The cost for this course is $40.

If you're not quite ready to take the full course, no problem - you can still register for free at https://class.synchronizedgroup.com/program/register and watch the first Module at no cost.

Edit: Important note: We will briefly touch on pixels throughout the course Modules, but we will not include in depth knowledge about how to add them to your display.

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