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Directory creation issues installing LOR 4.4 with Parallels 16

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I am trying to install the LOR 4.4 software on my MAC computer running Parallels 16.

I am in the Windows 10 VM and the LOR installation appears to go fine.

However, when I click on the Light-O-Rama Control Panel, I get the following:

"This appears to be the first time you have used Light-O-Rama.   Before you begin, we need to ask you a few questions."  (I am expecting this....)

I click on the Next button.  I then get a dialog box asking for a directory for LOR files.  A default directory appears in the dialog box:  "\\MAC\Home\Documents\Light-O-Rama"

I am fine with this directory location, so I click the Next button.

It says that the \\MAC\Home\Documents\Light-O-Rama doesn't exist.  Do I wish to create it?  I click Yes (to create the directory).

However, the next dialog box says that "the directory \\MAC\Home\Documents\Light-O-Rama cannot be created.  Please choose another folder."

I have no idea what to do next.  I don't know why I can't create the directory.  My Windows account is an administrator in Parallels.  I would think I could do whatever I needed to do.  I don't know what directory to enter, if I even wanted to put a new one in.  

Has this happened to anyone else?  If so, how did you fix this?  Thanks for any help you can provide.  Warning!!!  I am not a MAC guru whatsoever.  (My entire background is Windows PC)  So, I may ask really basic MAC questions if you ask me to do anything!!! :)



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An update:

I decided to go ahead and try some things in the Windows VM to see if I could fix this directory creation error myself.  I was able to get a copy of the LOR regwipe windows program from the Help Desk.  So, I figured I was good if I created some other directories that were invalid.  I ran Regwipe and LOR was gone on my Windows VM!  :)

I installed the LOR software suite again.  All went well.

When I started Light-O-Rama Control Panel, I again got the message about this being the first time.  I also got the message about creating a default directory (\\MAC\Home\Documents\Light-O-Rama).  Instead of accepting this default, I decided to change this directory to the following: "C:\Users\capardo\Documents".

The directory was accepted as valid and the "typical" directory structure for Light-O-Rama was indeed created in the directory above.  (Specifically, a C:\Users\capardo\Documents\Light-O-Rama directory was created with all associated subdirectories)

I added an audio file in the Audio directory of the Light-O-Rama folder.  I added an LMS file in the Sequences directory of that same folder.  I launched Sequence editor and linked the LMS file with the Audio file.

The sequence plays perfectly!!


The last thing I did was to create a shortcut to the "C:\Users\capardo\Documents\Light-O-Rama" on my Windows VM Desktop for ease of use.


I'll update if necessary, but I think I figured this one out.  Hope this helps someone else with this issue.



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