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Dear 'Lightorama Users' on Facebook...

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27 minutes ago, LORAdmin said:

LOR does not operate any LOR Group on Facebook.

The only thing LOR operates on Facebook is the LOR Facebook Page.

Happy you posted this, many people I have spoken with do not know this info and think that several other FB groups are "official".

Maybe this info could be tacked at the top of an appropriate page. 


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I am one of the admins for that group. The group overwhelmingly voted that the group be changed to private status so that their Facebook friends who were not in the group did not constantly see every time they commented on a post. Now that it's private, it cannot go back to public status. There are no Facebook groups run by LOR employees - they are all user groups (which is explained in all of the group descriptions). The official Light-O-Rama PAGE is the only thing actually sponsored by LOR.

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