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HELP! 4 Bootloader Units


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Well if aint broke don't fix it.

I ignored the rule and now I have not 1 but 4 units that show up as

xx - BootLoader-16D


I tried to update the firmware to the latest version via the EZ Light Linkers and now I'm pooched. Wahhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

If I connect them direct to a PC, and only 1 at a time, can I resolve this I hope?

I'm Desperate!!!!!!!

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Darn it! They need to change it so you can't use the Linkers at all when trying to update firmware and give an error message telling you it's not allowed. That way dummies like me can't fuzz up their controllers.
I would also like an explanation as to why there are the options of:

Selected unit Listed Above
Only One Unit Is Connected

This should not be there as well then.
The utility is smart enough to have found multiple units and should not allow updates in that case also.
I confirmed that I can recover with a direct connection to the USB adaptor and one at a time using another Blue board that was easier to access. (Not used in display yet)

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Although it is recommened that only one unit be connected you can download firmware with more than one unit on the network. Each unit must have its own unique Unit ID.

With the ELLs we should not allow firmware upgrades (except of course to the ELL itself).

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Thanks Dan.

Yeah I managed to get the others updated while they were still networked.
Not allowing to update via ELL would eliminate inadvertant P's in the A that are self inflicted.

Got 'em all back up and runnin' again.

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