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Migration S4 sequences to S5

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20 hours ago, LangfordDave said:

I've been struggling with moving my sequences to S5, especially with some channels not showing up in Preview.  The S4 sequences that I converted to S5 were super messed up.  I deleted them and started again using your method, and slowly but surely everything is coming in to place now.  I had to open the S4 sequences/ work on the preview/ close without saving/ several times before I got the Preview to a point where it's working properly, but now I'm able to more easily clean up my sequences and actually make them useful in S5.  One thing I encountered, but have not read anything about on the forums, is that none of the S4 sequences brought their timing grids with them in the conversion to S5.  I thought they were all lost in the "upgrade", but I was easily able to import them back from my S4 sequences.

Glad its working for you. I found it easier for me even though I had / have a couple great member helping me that do it better than me I find this easier for what I do.

Have fun.


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