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Multiple groups of the same props

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I suspect that this will be a Brian question...   A little background.  I am migrating towards having a single "Insert SuperStar Effects" for almost all the props in my show.  Almost the entire show would be sequenced as a single "Insert SuperStar Effects".  That is working very well, but I have run into an issue.  I have six arches that are 50 pixels each.  For most sequencing purposes, I have the six arches arranged as vertical stack group so that in the SuperStar sequencing grid, the arches are a block six pixels high by 50 pixels wide.  However there are times when I want a morph to run across either all six arches or three of them (center out for example). If I want a morph across all six arches, I can easily use VisEffects, but that has an issue when trying to select part of the arches (center out for example).  It's almost impossible to accurately enough place the start or ends of the morph to exactly be at the center.  In Sequencer, I have a group with all six arches which works fine, but that means having to use a different "Insert SuperStar Effects".  Back and forth really slows down the process.

So my attempt at a solution was to create two groups in the Preview  - one for the left three arches and one for the right three arches.  Put those two groups into my "Almost everything group" that I am using for my sequencing.  So, to be clear, the arches would exist twice - once as the vertical stack, and once as the two half horizontal stacks.  Both groups of arches show up on the sequencing grid just fine, but the vertical stack shows very dim on the Visualization in SuperStar, and does not play at all when I play it in SuperStar.  Below is a screen capture the difference.  At the top of the capture is an extract from the sequencing grid with the vertical stack having the end dozen or so pixels selected.  Below that is the left half and then right half horizontal stacks.  Below that is a capture of that portion of the Visualization showing the ends of each arch are much dimmer than top segments.  Note that it is more pronounced on screen than this screen capture makes it look).  Normally of course you would not likely be using both at the same time, and I have tested it both together as shown here and separate effects.  I also rearranged the placement of the horizontal vs vertical stack groups in the Preview to see if which one was above or below made any difference.  I have not attempted to change the order in the list in the Preview Group Definition (since that is a bit of a pain with a Custom arrangement).  Any solutions, suggestions, or comments?  At the bottom is a screen capture of the Preview Group Definition.  As usual, if your browser won't display the embedded images, there are links to both screen captures.





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I don't know why superstar would not be playing back your arches. I would like to remote in and take a look at it. Send an email to brian@superstarlights.com and I can set up a day and time to remote in.

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As a followup to this thread, Brian is wonderful!

Brian worked with me for a week or so trying various things and finally made this work right.  I assume it will be in the next release...


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On 1/21/2021 at 6:54 PM, BrianBruderer said:

I don't know why superstar would not be playing back your arches. I would like to remote in and take a look at it. Send an email to brian@superstarlights.com and I can set up a day and time to remote in.

I have the sane problem with my 8 circles.

When I sequence them in SS and have a morph(s) that run across all 8 and back when I import that in to S5 it is never correct.

Can you explain what you had to do?

I am working on a video that will show you what happen put the effects are not close.

In the past I just reversed the order of what set of circles at the controller port but after all of the years and wanting to go different I am experimenting with the effects from end to end

Thank you



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I am now using a beta test version of SuperStar and it is working.  I did find one minor issue (not a stopper - just a display issue) that I need to chat with Brian with.


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10 minutes ago, BrianBruderer said:

What is the display issue that you found?

When creating a morph using the 6 x 50 arches in a vertical stack, it works perfectly.

When creating a morph using the two rows of horizontal stack, the 1a, 1b, 2a, & 2b does not show up on the visualization.  It plays correctly both in SuperStar and what is exported to Sequencer.  The top screen capture is showing selecting an area on the arches vertical stack, and the bottom screen capture is showing selecting an area on the arches horizontal stack.  As usual, if your browser does not display the embedded image, there is a link below each one.







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