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Channel View Showing Props as Group AND Individually

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Not sure if this is an S5 only problem but I haven't found anything through searches. In my Channel View I have defined 4 RGB Arches (24 pixels per each) first as individual Props and then then as a Group (Arch A, Arch B, etc.). They show up as part of the Group which I can expand and contract but also individually. Is there anyway to NOT have them show up individually? For instance, I'd like to be able to sequence Arch A and D next to each other without having to scroll through B and C to make sure I've got them in exactly the spot.

Hope this screen shot helps. Sorry for the extra click...I can't figure out how to embed it.

Channel Config

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You are in the system generated Show All Grid View. This has limited customizability

You can make your own custom grid views which you can organize just how you want it.

Click on the odd looking arrow to the right of the Show All box for options.

Once you get a custom  grid view how you like it, you can export it and import it into other sequences or a new one. Similar to configs in S4.

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You can also have multiple views that are arranged differently.  For example, you could have a view that has arches A, C, B, D; and another view with the arches arranged A, B, C, D, and another view arranged as A, D, B, C.  Also note that the custom views do NOT need to have all your props.  For example, I have a view that only has my Pixel Tree, the star on top of it and my arches.  Nothing else is shown.  Helps to de-clutter the grid.


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Thanks and thanks for the tip! I will give that shot. Now that I'm starting to sequence my own ideas  (so far everything has been purchased and modified to my set up which is mostly cut and paste if I can't just change the channel/unit setting for my needs) I can see where multiple grid views will be quite helpful.


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