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Appreciate all the repsonses. 

So I have my plan for 2021

2020 Had Basic License on 16 channel contolller

6000 lights (drop in the bucket I know)

Ran off Computer

FM Transmitter along with external out door speakers

2021 Plan

Going to build off the above by adding 

1 Pixel Tree

Three 50 Watt Floods RGB

Add one 16 channel contoller for additonal light strings (misc fixutres)

I was told I cant control the floods by with the controller, but can connect to the controller with Cat 5 and CMB24D

(confused why am I connecting it to it if I can't contol it with it)

In the end is this alll handled in the sequencer?

With 32 channels do I use any of them for the floods or pixel or do I just use the contoller for the cat 5 connections to marry it all together.


Last question I have watched some videos, but still lost on how I can create a visual of my lights in the LOR software. Trying to tweak a couple of the sequences and would like to get a little visual to see the changes.

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The 50W floods have their own controller built in. They connect with a cat5 just like any LOR controller. Each one will use one unit ID.

The cmb24 is not required. It is used for the 10W floods and can run eight of them.

The basic license only supports 2 unit id's so you will need an upgrade after you buy the 50W floods and 2nd controller.

Since it sounds like you have S4, your profile doesn't say, you can view your show, or the sequence editor in the Visualizer. Draw your layout on a picture of your house and add the light strings.

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If you need help creating a vis feel free to ask me. I build a lot every year for people.

I will need some info but we can cover that in a PM


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your channels are grouped under a unitid  (channel numbering starts over)  your units are grouped under a network id. 

It used to be a 'controller' was one unit id'.      But as things progressed they made boxes that held more than one unit id.   Pixie16 has 16 unit ids.       


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2 minutes ago, poorotis said:

Ok DUMB question as it is used constantly what is a Unit ID? One channel?

Unit ID Is 1 DUMB board or 1 Pixie PORT (you need a license to cover all Pixie ports. Pixie 8 uses 8 IDS up. You just assign the start)

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For some reason ( i guess because you said vis and I was on my phone) I didnt see that you are on S5.

S5 is much easier for you to learn than the s4 vis.

Most props are already built in to the "preview" , its what it is called in S5.

Not much I can do for you on that. When I first started there is a good step by step in the "help" menu at the top of S5.


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do you have a picture of your house with your xmas lights this year

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Here is a link to a video of one of my sequences. Again in person it is much better as I am shooting this from the road which is almost 1000 feet down a hill. Left to right is:

3 stall Garage with blue lights along the roof line and the doors framed in white

Apple tree wrapped (1/2 ass in lights with 7 large bulbs hanginf and 7 candy canes at the base

House lined as you can see

Two small trees in front of house lined with lights

Telephone Pole Far right that I did created my own tree withs start

Between house and pole are misc lights on pool anwing that are not incorpated into the show

I plan on uploading to Yotube the complete show shortly

Purchased all my sequences and did not tweak in anyway 

Did write one sequence Little Drummer boy for practice. Was bad and I mean bad, but gave me an uderstanding of what triggers what and effects.

Please give me feedback would rather hear the bad not the good


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Here is my preview - using two A/C contollers

12 bushes - 6 roof sections - 5 windows - 2 door

you can add a picture of your house as "Background"

Drag props to suit - "Add" Props - Reconfigure "Props"

Double clicking a Prop opens it configuration (thus you can set bulb count - shape - color etc.)

And the you can play with the "Add" button to try other items

it's just a basic preview to play with - place in default user folder - \LIGHT-O-RAMA\ImportExport

Test Preview.lorprev

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