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Your first ever animated show

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Who on here remembers their first animated light show they did? Do you remember the excitement the first time you tested your show out?

I remember my first show well. I had decorated with static lights for several years but nothing major. In October I learned about Light O Rama from watching a few videos. I bought a 16 channel controller, designed my layout and purchased a few sequences from the LOR store and had my first light show. I started late in the season that year and did not have much time for sequencing. I remember the first time I ever tested the show out and I was amazed and several people stopped their cars and watched. I ended up winning a decorating contest in my town along with $250. I used every bit of that money for the following years show. After that year, I was hooked and in my second year I did most of my own sequencing with Superstar.

I have been hooked every since although at times I have thought about skipping a year but am glad I haven't. 

Feel free to share some of your experiences with your first ever show. I look forward to reading the responses.


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My first "show" was in 2014, and was a director/FM transmitter attached to one 16 channel AC controller running a 360 tree using incandescent blue light strings and a couple whites from Home Depot.  First song was Ho Hey by the Lumineers and I sequenced it from scratch.  After this ran for a while I tackled Let It Go from the Frozen soundtrack, again from scratch.  That year was experimental on my part to get a feel for what this was all about, learn a lot, but I was hooked.  I still have Let It Go in my lineup 7 seasons later, and that initial sequence utilized on that poor pitiful tree is still utilized today on my 25' tall mega tree.  My awful videos/audio of those first sequences are out on www.woodleahillslights.com.  As the show grew over the years, with this year being my largest yet at 17,200 lights and 17 controllers, the time to put it up and take it down does take a toll.  But what keeps me going is the sounds of people young and old singing along with the show, all those repeat visitors that just really enjoy it, and all the very nice comments from those I meet.  So now is the season to start buying more, more, more for the fall.

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I'd been decorating for years with static lights. Probably sometime around 2004 or 2005 I bought a Mr. Christmas-type setup with 6 channels of pre-programmed music and lights. Made it work pretty well with what I had. I Was the only only around that I could tell was doing ANYTHING like this. Then in 2017 I moved to LOR and controllers. Started with 2 AC G3s for a megatree and minitrees ,etc (32 channels). Last year added two Pixie IIs and a third AC controller. This year added a fourth AC G3 and a Light Linker.

Thinking about two more Pixie IIs and maybe another G3 for 2021. After seeing the @hasslerk show and one other big local show in person this year, my wife thinks the singing faces maybe might have to be added.

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