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Double Groups in Grid Configuration, S5

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The only way I know to describe my issue is "double grouping" in the Grid Channel configuration. On some groups, if I click the "+" button, I will get another "+" button by the side of it, but no other items in the group to choose from. It's like my channels are imbedded in groups inside groups inside groups.

How do I solve this? When right clicking on the group or the channels inside the group, there is no option to "degroup."

Thanks for your help!


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The list of items shown in a grid view is actually organized as a tree. By default, when you expand a branch of the tree, the higher level branches are hidden, leaving just the lowest level visible. In S4, this was the only way items were displayed. In the S5 Sequencer, you can choose to hide the upper branches (like S4) or not. Sometimes displaying the higher level branches makes the hierarchy clearer. You can toggle between the 2 display modes by selecting "Condensed View" from the grid view menu.


Hope that helps,


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