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6 EDM LCD FM transmitters for sale


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I have acquired 10 transmitters from EDM that I can sell to members, since
getting them to you from EDM this close to the shows would not be possible. My price is higher than the group buy price, but that's because I paid more for them myself. I will make a little money, but not much.

This is for the same EDM LCD (transmitter, power supply, metal enclosure, test antenna) that was for sale on the group buys earlier this year.

These are the best FM transmitters money can buy, in my biased opinion. They are as good or better than anything else I have seen anywhere ... in the under $1000 transmitter class.

If I don't sell to member in the next week, then I'll sell the rest on ebay instead.

details on my web site.

Four (of the ten) are already spoken for.

The price $199 (shipped) and $20 additional if you want assembly and testing done by me (can also pre-tune if you want me to).

Payment by money order.

I ship out next day after I get funds and ship to you in 2-3 days from Colorado.

email me if your interested. Please don't buy unless your financial situation
permits doing this. I know times are tough.


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6 of 10 sold

If anyone comes across this thread ... the group buys for 2008 are over.

I do have a few transmitters for sale (private sale) for those wanting one at the last minute. Details are on my web site: http://www.rockinchristmas.com
I can get them to you in a week or less. The units I don't sell will go up on ebay fairly soon.


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