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CTB16PC 16 or iDMX-1000 to control RGB lighting

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7 hours ago, k6ccc said:

The problem with the pixel strips is that it holds the pixel pointing horizontally.  That kills his 360 degree viewing angle.  Instead need a a clip or zip tie that holds the pixel in line with the support rope so that he gets almost 360 degree view.

BTW, if you do go with the Boscoyo pixel strips, he can make those with any spacing that you want.  I had 40 something of the strips made a couple years ago with 1.33 inch spacing.  No extra charge.  Also note that those strips are 8 feet long.  It's easy to splice them, but you do need to do so for a longer run.


You're right, they may not work as I initially thought due to the pixels are held horizontally, and what he needs is vertical that matches the support line. 

So here's my other suggestion for this, a strong, thin, metal wire, like thin stainless steel, and zip tie each Pixel Bullet Node using 2 zip ties one near the bottom and one near the top of each pixel bullet, but under the globe area where the light is emitted, as you don't want anything covering or interfering with the nodes light output.   Don't know how weather resistant piano wire would be, if at all, but if it can handle wet conditions, might also be a usable alternative.

I just don't think anything thin, like fishing line will hold up under the weight of all the pixels that would need to be strung along the lines needed, and rope may interfere with the full 360 degree look since it may be more visible than a very, thin, but strong, stainless steel wire that won't block the light globe as much as a rope might.


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Those strips use a controller that is 110v A/C  input  - Rectified to - 110v DC output


And I think based upon the length of your runs - Pixel Bulbs would seem to be OK - mounted to a strip with the Bulbs either pointing skyward or downward (as there is little need to view from the Sky or boat deck

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