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Sound to light LIVE


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Is it possible to use the light o rama hardware as a live sound to light system using some other software package or maybe even Visual basic.

My goal would be to have a giant digital VU meter like thing.

Any thoughts would be great....

Thanks all.

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I tried it last night with no luck. Then I realized the comm port on the LOR hardware tool is using comm 5, when I use the hardware tool. Tthe media player only has 1 - 4 when I try to select another comm port. I will have to change the comm port for the USB adapter for LOR on the PC to be able to make this work. Try another day.

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I built an 8' stereo VU meter this year that is mounted to the front brick pillars of my house. Turned out even better than I expected. I'll try to post some pictures soon. I'm pretty sure this will be the next big trend for 2009 instead of Arches and MegaTrees. :)

While I manually programmed the beats to simulate the effect I wanted, I was happy to see this application...although I couldn't get it to work. I did manually configure mine to COM5 without luck and made sure LOR was shutdown. I also confirmed that it is COM5 on my system.

I've done a few songs to take advantage of the new effect and am getting closer to completion of Pump Up the Volume. :) I knocked out a remix of the Bee Gees Stayin Alive last night as well.

I just realized, I now only have one actual Christmas song in the whole show of about 8 songs. :shock: There's something I like about Christmas lights set to non-christmas songs and by the end of the holiday season I think visitors like something different.

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I had a bit of success with the VU meter idea but I don't have it in my show this year.

I might have given it a go but it will only run 16 channels (and very well I might say) but to get it to run in the timed show I would need another laptop and another 16 channel LOR box, We have a nice 48 channel show that went live Thanks giving eve with the FM transmitter and a surround sound system.

I'm happy with it although the more I look at it the more I think I need more LOR boxes:P

Anyway this is my first go at LOR and my wife and I are looking forward to next year now we have a show under our belt we have more ideas for next year VU being one of them....

I can't wait to see pic or even video of your VU, let me know ....


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Yeah - it quickly gets out of hand. I think this is my third year and I'm up to 10 16 Channel LOR's now. I ended up using a total of 14 channels instead of 16. I wanted room to hang the box directly from the rack that also holds the C9 strands.

I'll put together a separate post of how I did it. My goal was for it to be bright, look straight, and not take a ton of time to assemble by placing individual bulbs. So I searched until i found C9's aligned in the packages and just mounted them to a rubbermaid 8' shelving rack with zip ties. Makes for easy storage for next year too. The LOR units are tip tied directly to the rack and easily removed. And man are they bright!

My lights use about 10 kw of power when all on. 14 strands of C9 added quite a bit. So I really had to map out where things were plugged in this year. I think there were a total of 5 circuit breakers used.

Was hoping to find dimmable C9 LEDs, but for $7 a strand at Menards, I think I did alright given the short amount of time I had to devote to the show this year.

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I was going to use normal lights in a spare sheet of corroplas I had from a sign i didn't do ( 8' X 4') with a matrix drilled out and framed...

I was just off out to do a quick video of my first lor display.

back in 10 mins or so....

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rogie wrote:

Nice ....

I still think I will go with the poking holes thou.

My first video is 33 mins of being rendered for youtube.

it will take an additional 10-15 for them to process

I will then post my first lor Video here...


I'm anxious to see what you come up with. I just posted my first YouTube video...no sound but you get the idea:

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The wife did the trees

That was where I was going to use the VU meter.

I think it would look cool, stereo vu meter running up each side of the drive.

But like I said before onther 16 channel box and another laptop needed for that one.

Still there's always next year where ever we might be the world.

I might have a go at the VU meter before I pack it all away just to get the configuration under my hat.

Here's the play list for Four of the tracks I did for this year.

You have seen the first one in the list 2,3 and 4 are on the right hand side.


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