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CMB24D Controller

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Silly question here:

I have a CMB24D Deluxe DC card that I don't even remember why I purchased. What would I do with this controller? The Light-O-Rama website says it could be used for controlling rgb floodlights or rgb dumb pixels. Since I don't have any of those, any other ideas?

Or--is anyone interested in purchasing it? Make me an offer privately.

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As you can see from my Sig, I have 5

I have a bunch of small props (Halloween,Xmas) that use single color (warm white) LEDS .My  Candy cane spinner uses 6 channels (2 ports), 1 for each opposed cane pair. My Mega-tree is 17 dumb RGB ports (I had to run 1 cable to another controller loc)

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I am using DC controllers in my year round landscape lighting (and of course Christmas) for the following:

RGB lights on top of two brick columns,

RGB light for address sign in brick column,

RGB dumb strip on inside edge of three brick tree rings,

RGB floods pointed up at the trees planted in each tree ring,

RGB dumb strip on underside of bullnose brick for my porch steps,

White floodlights pointed at the flags on my 25 foot flagpole

Small air blowers that blow a small amount of air through the RGB lights on top of the brick columns.

Most of that is detailed on:  http://www.newburghlights.org/Landscaping.html


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I have a 16 ch board, 3 RGB flood lights that I made housed inside 250W halogen fixtures. , 3 each red, green , blue  MR16 floods, and my tune to sign

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