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ZaraRadio and DTMF

Mark Steele

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I've been running my shows for 11 years on an old Dell XP notebook that I pull out for the season - kind of the 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' philosophy.  I'm using Zara and the the DTMF tones to start/stop my announcements in between shows. I finally decided to switch over to one of my more current Win 10 machines and thought I was good to go when I downloaded ZaraRadio version 1.6.2 Free Edition from zarastudio.es. But I soon found out this was a crippled version and I would have to purchase their studio version to get the DTMF feature.  I searched for my old downloads on my XP and Win7 machines for the original install file, but I must have cleaned those folders up for space. I ended up using a hybrid solution this year - the shows ran from the Win 10 and the announcements played through the old XP machine. I'd like to get this cleaned up for next year and have it all on the Win 10 system and was wondering if anyone happens to have an old Zara install file that has the DTMF feature saved that they would be willing to share.
Appreciate any help.

Mark Steele


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Run your announcements as LOR Music files.

I run Zara Radio for non-show hours, but it is silent during the show.  I do have announcement files (mostly done by "The Demented Elf") that are just normal LOR Musical files with lights.

BTW, I have tried twice to buy the Zara software for other reasons and so far have been unsuccessful.  Most recently, the website says that they will send a quote, but it was never received.


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