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Looking ahead to next year after just getting into LOR for the first time this year with a 16 Channel system. Was a lot to absorb, but after buying several sequences to get me going I able to get the basics of the software. Looking to work on getting better and more familiar with the software, but also add pixels to the show.

What are the suggested Pixels?

How long are the strings?

What controller is recomended?

Does this tie into the LOR 16 channel?

Any other comments or suggestions

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Well, you could start here http://www1.lightorama.com/smart-pixels/ or here http://www1.lightorama.com/dumb-pixels/

LOR's pixels are on 4" centers.

The Pixie controllers are a controller that you plug into an outlet. You could have an entire display of just Pixie controllers, without a single 16 channel controller in the mix.

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You asked very clear questions and this hobby has several ways to do things.  You first need to understand that Pixels are DC based and the controller you started with, just guessing was an AC based controller.  You can't run pixels on that AC controller (this answer is solely based on if the controller you used was just for department store light strings).  LOR offers several different Pixel controllers that are best for different things.

We can help you for sure, just need to know what you plan on doing with the pixels (matrix, tree, house outline, arches, ect.) cause it's a bit easier to tell you what you need to accomplish that task rather just a generalization of what pixels you need and how to control them.


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Ok. So Below is a link of one of my sequences. Not the best video as it is more impressive live given I live in the middle of no where up on a hill and about 1000 feet from the road. I would like to Keep the 16 channel and add another 16 for better detail and add some things to the front of the house towards the road to give it some depth and use the 2 acres in front.

My thought is to do one or a combination of the following buy a pixel tree (packaged), Do arches of some sort or custom build mini xmas trees using pixels and scatter in the front yard. So in short looking to just add something so as I become proficient with the LOR and building out will give me time to get familiar with the newer technology.

Thought the tree would be a good add as it provides everything in one package so i can see first hand what is involved.

I understand the tree does not use the channels from my LOR, but how do I link them into my light show.

Looking to put the tree almost 100 feet away from the house will that be ok? 

Run to a seperate power soruce, but do they make weather resistent cat 5?

Any suggestions on improving the show below from what you can see?



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They make direct burial CAT5. But the normal kind is pretty cheap if you only need it for a month or 2, then store it. Mine has been in use 3 seasons (so far)

An LOR (RS485) network can be 4000', so make a run of power (There is direct burial Romex ) and a couple of network CAT5 (remember to space the power from the net apart at least 6" and get stuff closer to the road (audience)

Since you need a fairly deep trench (for direct burial) Run at least 2 circuits (and maybe put some outlets midway for the next growth spurt😛

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As you say the lor tree is complete with controller. It will just daisy chain like your AC boxes do. It will consume one unit ID per port, so your license will need to cover that.

100 feet for RS485 is fine. I have cat5 all over my yard, well up until today anyway. It's in the shed now.

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