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Rural people, roadside advice please

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Hi Everyone,

This is more for us that have our shows/displays in rural settings that don't have full paving and curbs to keep our visitors cars/tires clean. We live along a street that uses tar and chip as pavement and then blends into grass that I maintain even though the county has the "right of way." With the rains we've had, and usually do in December, and the increased volume of visitors the side of our road is TORE UP! LOL

I'm probably going to reach out to our county roads department and get some idea as to what we can do for next year. It's too late for this year. It's so bad cars and smaller/nicer SUV's are sitting mostly in the lane and not getting into the muddy area. I hate that the lane is partially blocked. If anyone has had this similar type of problem, what have you done to try and help out the situation? I have flags and some driveway reflector poles marking where the draining ditch is on the side as to prevent them from going too far over. If you Google Map our address of 636 Spaniard Neck Rd. Centreville, MD you'll see what I'm talking about. The image is old but you'll get the idea. 

I'd appreciate any ideas.

Hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and prosperous New Year! 😃


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I remember when you bought that place and posted the address.  You have lots of room, but I can easily see that parking is a problem.  Do you get snow there?  I would assume you do, so anything you do has to not mess up plows too.  So talking to the county roads people might help - although depending on how big the county is, it might be really hard to get to someone that gives a #$%^.  Good luck and keep us updated.


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2 minutes ago, Mr. P said:

Hard pack the corn field across the street and make a parking lot. 😁

Just watched one of his vids, lol. This was my first idea Too. If I owned the field, that is what I would do

However if just looking for a safer dryer pull off, then I would stone pack from the first tree to just before the mail truck pull off in front of your home.

And then from the field drive to the pole on the other side. If you include the mail truck pull off and the field drive too you can contact the county and the field owner to see if they will chip in.

Just an Idea


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Hi Everyone. LOL we do have a large wide yard. I try to use most of it but more focused around the front of our house. We added a CCR tree this year that is at the corner of the sidewalk and driveway at about a 45. No I don't own the field across the road and don't know the owners too well yet. No hard feelings at all but their side gets a little torn up too so I'm trying to stay "under the radar" with them. LOL I did think of that for at least the 4 wheel drive trucks in the area but I'd hate it if they tore up the field. 

The county is pretty large but luckily the roads department is just outside our town so they are close. We do get snow but not usually until later in the winter, usually January. We do get plowed so I'm thinking the only thing that might work would be try and put some barrier partially in the drainage ditch and then backfill with gravel to try and level off. The other thing is many people realize if they go across the road it sits a bit higher and flatter. The more you pull off on our side, the more the vehicle leans toward the ditch so the driver and driver side passengers in the back can't see as much. 

Thanks for the feedback guys! 


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