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Rocking Around The Christmas Tree

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Hello, I have looked but could not find what I am looking for. My show is running but I have had a request for a song I do not have. Rocking Around the Christmas tree by Brenda Lee. If any One has this for a 32 channel or more sequenced and is willing to share it, it would be greatly appreciated. I will not share this unless you say I can and it will only be for this years show for this request. I will make another for next year but if you or anyone out there can help 


Thank you in advance

Dennis Smith


Toledo Ohio

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If you're not opposed to buying sequences from the LOR Sequences store, they have a sequence for that song.   http://sequences.lightorama.com/Rockin-Around-the-Christmas-Tree-Brenda-Lee_p_1156.html

You can see it in our 48-channel setup from last Christmas around the 1:12:59 mark of the video.   https://drive.google.com/file/d/1RpWmHQk0h00wr3dtTPssNjq8S78JBUZH/view

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No Not opposed at all however, 25 for the sequence and 25 to be able to modify it I just can not justify for this late in the game. I was hoping for someone to share if they have it so I can make a few changes real quick and get it going this year for the request. I can have one made for next years show, Was just trying to fill a request real quick. I have a lot of christmas music sequenced that I have done over the years, I just for some reason have not done this one yet, lol.

Thank you for the INFO, 

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