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Trying to install LOR 4 on using Mac with Parallels and Windows 10 Installed.


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I am trying to install LOR 4 on a macbook (MacOS using Parallels and Windows 10 virtual machine and can't complete the installation.  The error I am getting is \\Mac\Home\Documents\Light-O-Rama cannot be created.    Then a message that Light-O-Rama has not been correctly installed.

Is there any article or forum entry that would help?



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So is this when installing the LOR software on the MAC or the Windows VM ?

Have you tried manually creating that "Folder" first - then run the installation

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Yes, I solved the problem by creating a new account and it worked fine.  I don't know why the original account won't let the software create the required folders.


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I am trying to install LOR 4.4.16 on a Mac running the latest version of Parallels.

I am getting this same exact error about not being able to create the MAC\Home\Documents\Light-O-Rama directory.


You say that you "created another account" and that fixed the issue.


Can you explain in more detail what this means?

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Sounds like a permissions issue.  Does the folder/directory already exist?

Perhaps go ahead and create the directory before you do the install so the installer just drops the files into a path that already exists. 


/runs Parallels on Mac and Win 7 Pro and has run it for LOR for years.  

// ran 4.4.6 for a couple years and just now moved to the highest version that isn't 5.x 

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