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Did I Build Myself Into A Corner With My 16x25 LOR Pixel Tree & Current Software Setup? (Trying to Upgrade My Sequences Further THIS Year)


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Hi all,

I've been sequencing for ~5 years and I cannot tell you how much help you all have been... I want to thank you in advance for any help you can provide here.

I'm currently using LOR Sequence Editor (v4.3.18) Pro.

So far, I have used pre-existing sequences... and I either want to:

- Add a few new sequences this year
- Edit some new (or existing) sequences.

I have NEVER figured out the proper set of steps to edit my Pixel Tree sequences. (so I've been stuck only editing the main 16 channels across my 4 CTB16 controllers)

(FWIW - I have a LOR 16x25 Pixel Tree, 4 CTB16PC's (gen 3), and a Mini Director / MP3 Player (gen 3), with FM Transmitter.)

I have the Tree working perfectly & full speed at 500K when exporting to the card using the Hardware Utility.

From the sites and all I've read... it seems to work with any of the current sequences I'm finding on LOR & on Super Star Lights, I need to upgrade to version 5 of the sequence editor?

So My main question is... am I going to shoot myself in the foot if I upgrade from 4.3.18 -> 5 right now?

I have a software & electrical engineering background so I can learn really quickly.

Maybe I should just keep my current SD card and get a new one for trying to make any improvements for this year's show? (that way the old card will work no matter how much I screw things up w/ software upgrades, etc.)


So my 2 questions:

1) What exact software can I view & edit my existing Pixel Tree sequences with? (I think the 2 existing songs that use my Pixel Tree, were BOTH written for 16x50.  I believe they're the RGB sequences from WowLights.  They look a bit off at parts since the 16x25 trees are basically an 8x50 folded in half.  I have no idea if there's a set of commands I can do to "flip" 1/2 of the channels of what I currently have and get these looking perfect for a 16x25 tree.)

2) I *think* I need to upgrade to Sequence Editor version 5 to get the existing Super Star Lights sequences imported here to my existing show... or do I just need version 5 of SuperStar Sequencer?  Can you verify this or get me any further info on this?  So far all I've found is this: http://www.superstarlights.com/Sequences/Purchase.php#16x25LORTree )

(and I'm going to email Brian B from Super Star Lights & reference this post)


A MASSIVE thank you for anything you can share around the above.  Feel free to just reference other posts as I'm not lazy... just lost. (LOL... I think that's been most of my journey... but little by little have put together an incredible show so far!)

Thank you! - Jason


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1 hour ago, coachjc said:

So My main question is... am I going to shoot myself in the foot if I upgrade from 4.3.18 -> 5 right now?

Do NOT upgrade to S5 NOW.  Do that after your 2020 show is completed.  Too much learning curve to try to do that now.

You should not need to upgrade to S5 in order to edit your existing S4 sequences.  You will need a SuperStar license that covers the 400 pixels of your existing tree.


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I will echo what k6ccc said. Don't upgrade to S5 until next year.

If you have the 8 CCR superstar license you can edit your sequences in S4 or S5. For example, in S4 if you have a 16x50 sequence and want to squish it down to 16x25 you would do the following:

1) launch superstar

2) open the sequence, click on File and then "import visualization" and import the 16x25 tree visualization

3) click on the File menu and select "Save As" and save the sequence to something like "mySequence_16x25"

4) click on the Edit menu and select "select all"

5) click on the Tools menu and select "move or scale selected effects"

6) select "Scale" and set as follows:

Source Width = 16      Dest Width = 16

Source Height = 50   Dest Height = 25

7) click on the File menu and select "export to sequence editor"


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